iOS 14: What We Know

Although it feels like iOS 13 came out yesterday… it actually came out in September 2019 and now we’re set to get iOS 14 by the end of this year.


The next big update for your iPhone is currently just rumoured for now as Apple has yet to specifically confirm the name for the next piece of software – but it’s likely we’ll be hearing officially about it soon.

What could possibly be coming in the new update?

Taking what was left out with iOS 13 – and what new technology could be coming in the iPhone 12 – we can make some educated guesses about what’s coming in the next big iOS update.

Some of these predictions are obvious, like support for 5G if Apple finally decide to release a 5G iPhone that works with the next-gen phone networks.

Apple might make in its continual improvements on their iPhone operating system.

iOS 14 possible release date

Given last year’s big iOS updates came out on September 19, one day before this year’s new iPhone line, we’re guessing that iOS 14 will launch in late September 2020.

That will be just in time for the launch of the iPhone 12, which will be the first phones to get the next iOS.

Assuming Apple follows prior years, it will likely unveil iOS 14 at its annual WWDC conference. That’s set to take place virtually this year – due to the Covid-19 pandemic – and it’ll be starting on June 22.

Apple usually releases an initial developer beta the same day, so it may do the same in 2020. The first public beta will likely follow later in the month, and will accordingly get new betas after the developer versions.

iOS 14 compatibility

While Apple didn’t leave any phones behind when it introduced iOS 12, the most recent jump to iOS 13 made up for it by stranding two generations of iPhone handsets – anything older than the iPhone 6S or iPhone SE. It’s unclear what kind of new features require Apple to raise the threshold for which iOS phones will be able to download the new version of iOS, so it’s all speculation whether a generation of older iPhones won’t be able to install iOS 14.

We’ll almost surely know which iPhones won’t be able to upgrade when Apple launches the first iOS 14 betas. For now, our best guess is that the iPhone 7 will be the cut-off point.

Predictions (Not Confirmed but an Educated Guess)

  • Support for 5G: This is most likely the easiest prediction to guess. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen with other 5G phones, this feature can’t be retroactively applied to older iPhones – hooking up to 5G networks requires a particular type of modem and compatible processors. Only the newest phones with the latest top-tier chipsets and modems have been capable of harnessing 5G.
  • Operating System Improvements
  • Possible Support for AR Glasses: Apple is planning to release AR glasses sometime in 2020 (according to a Bloomberg report.) These would initially serve as an iPhone accessory running through iOS to display text messages and map directions, though that could grow over time to run their own proprietary apps from a dedicated AR glasses store – and perhaps become a standalone successor to the iPhone itself.
  • Home Screen Widgets: iOS and iPadOS support widgets up to a point, but based on early code snippets it looks like you might be able to add widgets to your Home screens in iOS 14 as well. At the moment though, sources say the feature could be still be scrapped.
  • More Wallpaper Options: leaks suggest that there will be more wallpaper options will be added in iOS 14 as well, so you’ll be able to add dynamic, flat and gradient options.
  • App Switcher: A leaked video supposedly shows an internal build of iOS 14, and as you can see it sports a new app switcher layout that’s similar to the one on iPadOS

What We Want to See

  • Smart composition: These days, everyone’s doing business on their phones, including sending emails at all hours. So why can’t we insert links into text in iOS’ Mail client? Or in third-party mail clients like Gmail? We hope to see an update where we can insert links.
  • Spam Call Filter: Spam calls are extremely annoying. It would be great for Apple to release an update where spam calls are filtered out so we don’t have to deal with annoying spam calls anymore.

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